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Tips for visiting
New York Art Galleries, Armory Week March 4-9, 2014, and Frieze NY
May 9-12, 2014.

Reconstruction, New York, copyright Mark Dahle 2011.

If you're going to Manhattan to look at art, you'll find helpful tips on our page about New York Art Galleries, Armory Week, and Frieze NY.

Tips for visiting
Art Basel in Switzerland June 19-22, 2014

Basel, Switzerland

Art Basel in Switzerland is an immense art fair that features prominent galleries from around the world and almost all the top modern and contemporary artists.

Check out our article on Art Basel Switzerland to help plan your trip.

ArtPrize in Grand Rapids Sept 18 - Oct 12, 2014

Grand Rapids, MI, home of ArtPrize

If you like discovering artists before anyone else, one opportunity might be at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI.

The $200,000 top prize in this event is a purchase award, so you won't likely see any art valued more than that amount. But if you're up for lots of walking and the chance to see an interesting social experiment, it's worth a trip.

For great tips about visiting this event, see our article on the Grand Rapids ArtPrize.

Tips for visiting
Art Basel Miami Beach
December 4-7, 2014

Miami Beach, Florida

If you like modern and contemporary art, don't miss Art Basel Miami Beach. In the United States, this event is the best opportunity to see a large amount of contemporary art in one weekend.

The main event brings so many art collectors to Miami that more than fifteen satellite fairs operate over the same weekend.

Add to that the local galleries, private collections, and museums that are open, and you've got more great art than you can see even if you walk fast and stay out late. Ideally you'll schedule a whole week for this event.

Be sure to check out our article tips for visiting Art Basel Miami Beach. Also check out our information on the top satellite fairs Art Miami, Scope/Art Asia, and NADA.

Tips for visiting the
56th Venice Biennale in

Venice, Italy

Get a head start on planning your trip to the 56th Venice Biennale and check out our report on highlights from 2011 and 2013.

Understanding Abstract Art

If you (or someone you know) can't figure out abstract art, our article on Understanding Abstract Art is a great place to start.

The page has beautiful examples of paintings in some of Mark Dahle's current art series, and it's a great resource to pass on to others.

Mark Dahle Portfolios

One Days Encouragement Cover Galfins Restaurant Cover An Assignment From Hell Cover

Mark Dahle Portfolios can be read in a few minutes and then enjoyed for a lifetime. Thought-provoking and beautiful, they feature an unusual combination of compelling photographs, brilliant paintings and deceptively simple text.

Unlike many picture books, the text in the portfolios is not related to the art. This might seem a little weird at first. One thing that helps is to order more portfolios or watch more videos of them until you get used to it.

Titles available at include An Assignment from Hell, Birdseed, Farmer Jane, Galfin's Restaurant, Hungry, One Day's Encouragement, Trip 21, and When The Trolls Moved.

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Random Topics

Steel Bridge, Portland, OR

From time to time Mark posts a comment that's not related to art.

Neighbors that smoke, resumes that keep people from being hired, people and products that try to pretend they're something they're not -- all are covered in our Random Topics section. Plus you get great photos not seen on any other page.

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Art Basel in Switzerland
Art Basel Miami Beach

ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI

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Venice Biennale

Random Topics

Mark Dahle Biography and FAQs

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GroundbreakingArt Shows Saturday January 4 and February 1 in San Diego

Two groundbreaking exhibitions will be at La Jolla Lutheran Church, 7111 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA. The location is 14 miles north of downtown San Diego. Local artists will present recent work from 6 to 9 p.m. At 7 p.m. the artists will discuss their techniques and Mark Dahle will present highlights from Art Basel Miami Beach and satellite fairs. This free event is open to all.

Abstract painting copyright Mark Dahle 1992

Abstract art © Mark Dahle 1992.

Featured video: When The Trolls Moved

Farmer Jane Cover Trip 21 Cover Birdseed Cover

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Other videos: Trip 21 BirdSeed Hungry

Abstract painting copyright Mark Dahle 1999.

Abstract Art, #9912. © 1999 Mark Dahle.

Abstract painting copyright Mark Dahle 1996

Abstract painting copyright Mark Dahle 1997

Abstract art, #9612 © Mark Dahle 1996.

Abstract art © Mark Dahle 1997.

Abstract painting copyright Mark Dahle 2008

Abstract art, #2008 © Mark Dahle 2008.

Abstract painting copyright Mark Dahle 2007

Abstract art, Stop and Go Series © Mark Dahle 2007.

Abstract art, Heart Experiences Series © Mark Dahle 2009.

Abstract art, Heart Experiences Series © Mark Dahle 2009.

Abstract art, Heart Experiences Series © Mark Dahle 2009.

Abstract art, Heart Experiences Series © Mark Dahle 2009.