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  Cover of The Ostrich Fart, a Mark Dahle Portfolio

The Ostrich Fart includes a gorgeous painting, twenty-five beautiful photographs of vehicles, and a children’s story that may offend some people because it has an excessive amount of poo. But really, if people can’t tell from the title what the book will be like, who can help them?

Fortunately, the story is not likely to offend first grade boys, for whom it is written. It has no redeeming virtues that the author knows of, except for the photos of cars, trucks and motorcycles.


Order This Portfolio in Fall 2013

Story For Adults
Available in 2013


Own a beautiful photo by Mark Dahle
from the portfolio
The Ostrich Fart

The beautiful photographs in Mark Dahle's portfolio The Ostrich Fart are available to collectors in limited editions.

Extremely limited editions
make these
great collectors items

Each photograph is limited to two editions of ten prints each. This extraordinarily low edition size means that your Mark Dahle photographs will be rare and collectable.

You can choose the size
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Photos are available in two edition sizes:

10 x 15


Beautiful 10 x 15 inch prints come with generous borders for easy framing. (The total size including the borders is 13 x 19 inches.)

Prints in the Custom Edition can be any size desired by individual collectors from 4 x 6 inches to 40 x 60 inches (except 10 x 15). The Custom Edition is limited to ten prints total. It is possible that your Custom Edition size will be unique, given that other collectors may want other sizes.

Shipping is free to any address in the United States. (We are not able to ship to other countries at this time.)

A Complete Satisfaction Guarantee means you have no risk in ordering

You can order your Mark Dahle Limited Edition Print without risk: it's covered by our Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. When you receive your beautiful print, if it doesn't meet your expectations for any reason, return it any time within a year and we'll give you a full refund. This generous guarantee gives you plenty of time to make sure that your print is exactly right for you.

In addition, your print is guaranteed against fading by our Five-Year Guarantee.

A Five Year Guarantee
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Your beautiful photo is created with archival inks and printed on archival paper. It's designed to last for decades.

We back up the archival inks we use with our exclusive Five Year Guarantee: If your print fades any time within the first five years, return it and we will exchange for a new print.

You can own
an individual print
or the complete collection

You can own any individual print in the portfolio that you like (assuming it is still available). Of course, some collectors will want to own the complete set from a portfolio. The first print in each edition is reserved for collectors who want to own the entire series.

10 x 15

Individual print $277

Complete series (all 25 photos in this portfolio), $6,925. This includes free shipping, a free bonus print of the cover, and a free bonus print of the painting included in the portfolio, mentioned below.


Custom prints may be any size in the 2 x 3 ratio (except 10 x 15), from 4 x 6 to 40 x 60. Some examples:

A 4 x 6 inch Custom Edition print is $477.

A 24 x 36 inch Custom Edition print is $1,577.

For investors who want the largest size and impact possible, a 40 x 60 inch Custom Edition print is $4,277.

Each image is limited to a maximum of 10 Custom Edition prints. This extremely limited edition size means that the size of your Custom Edition print could be unique.

Special bonus:
A print of the painting
is also available

A print of the beautiful painting in the portfolio is also available.

Unlike the photos in the portfolio, the edition size of the print of the painting is not limited. A number of different editions of prints of the painting may be released in the future.

Prints of the painting will arrive signed and numbered by the artist in an open (unlimited) edition.

10 x 15

Individual print $277


Ask about availability.

Collectors who order the complete series of 25 photos from this portfolio will be given a free print of the painting in the portfolio as a bonus and a free print of the cover as a bonus, in addition to free shipping, the Five Year No-Fade Guarantee and the One Year Complete Satisfaction Guarantee.

To order or for more information, email


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