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Mark Dahle paintings can be found in private collections from Florida to Alaska.

One of the most frequent comments we hear is, "I don't usually like abstract paintings, but I like these."

abstract painting by Mark Dahle

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Photographs are often printed without restraint. Mark Dahle Photographs are different.

Except for the covers. So let's start with them.

The Fine Art Edition of the cover of each Mark Dahle Portfolio is available to 100 collectors. Admittedly, that seems like a lot. But Mark is operating under the theory that once a portfolio becomes the basis for a movie, 100 will be way too small for the demand. Maybe he's delusional.

The net result is that if a collector wanted to invest in a set of all the portfolio covers to date, that is still possible. So far, none of the covers has sold out. But once one becomes a movie? We'll keep you posted.

Anyway, the covers are the exception in the Mark Dahle photography universe.

Photographs inside the Mark Dahle Portfolios are restricted to editions of ten, only five of which are available to individual collectors and institutions.

Others photos are even more restricted.

Photographs in the Endangered Photos series are limited to an edition size of one, meaning that they are original works of art.

Similarly, photographic artworks created by Mark Dahle are each unique. For example, in the series of 1000 Mops, each is unique. The image of the mops is the same for all, but the backgrounds are each unique. Some are similar, some are wildly different.  At this point, a collector still can acquire a set of 10 or of 99 sequential mops. Because they are unique works, however, once they are acquired, they are not available to a competing collector.

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The Carpenter And The Twig Amanda Gets A Pumpkin

Mark Dahle Portfolios feature a colorful painting, 20 or more beautiful photographs, and an engaging story or commentary.

Thought-provoking and beautiful, Mark Dahle Portfolios can be read in a few minutes and then enjoyed for a lifetime.

The mass market edition of the portfolios are individually dated, giving collectors bragging rights and something to show people who acquire their copies later.

Ten Fine Art Versions are also created of each portfolio. Five are reserved for Mark Dahle Art Museums; five are available to individual investors and institutions worldwide.

See our complete list of all Mark Dahle Portfolios. Or if you want some help choosing, see our guide to choosing which Portfolios are right for you.

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Art Vacations

Venice, Italy

Get a head start on planning your trip to the 58th Venice Biennale. Check out our report on what to expect in 2019 as well as highlights from prior years.

Miami Beach, Florida

If you like modern and contemporary art, don't miss Miami Art Week and Art Basel Miami Beach. This is the biggest collection of contemporary art anywhere in the world, currated by hundreds of art galleries appearing in more than a dozen art fairs.

Other recommended art vacations include trips to Art Basel, Switzerland and New York, especially during Frieze or Armory Week.

Or if you want something different, you might check out ArtPrize, a social experiment that gets a community to be in conversation with art and art professionals.

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Art Talks

Invite Mark Dahle to your group to give one or more fascinating (and helpful!) presentations on art.

Presentations include:

What Makes Art Valuable

This entertaining talk helps you understand current prices for contemporary art – and how a painting can be worth more than $100 million.

Frauds and Thieves

Even Michelangelo tried to cheat people at the start of his career by selling things he had carved and pretending they were antiquities. Become aware of some of the pitfalls of collecting in this entertaining lecture.

Questions Every Art Collector Needs To Ask Before Investing In Art

A few questions will help art investors avoid traps that have caused other collectors and art institutions to lose their investments (and their art!). Some of these are traps that you may not hear about from your art dealer.

Abstract painting

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1,000 Mops

1000 Mops #101, copyright Mark Dahle 2014

Mark Dahle says, “When I visited China a couple years ago, I saw mops everywhere. I started taking pictures of them; I thought I might do a series. But I wasn’t in China long enough, so I decided instead to create a thousand artworks based on one mop.”

The artworks in this series invite conversations about what makes things related and what makes them different, what constitutes "family" and "individual."

Mops are available as individual mops, as an unbroken series of 10 Mops and as an unbroken series of 99 Mops.

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Endangered Photos

Endangered Telephone Pole #222 Copyright Mark Dahle 2014 Endangered Telephone Pole #223 Copyright Mark Dahle 2014

Mark Dahle's Endangered Photos are one-of-a-kind works of art. Subjects of the Endangered Photos currently include telephone poles, train cars, hay bales, and railroad ties.

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Mark Dahle Art Museums

It's too early to predict how or when the five Mark Dahle Art Museums will be built.

Perhaps they will only exist as conceptual artwork, a collection of sketches, paintings and the like.

Or perhaps they will be developed as a Virtual Reality experience that anyone with an internet connection can visit.

Or, perhaps, they will exist in a physical location with heat and air conditioning and working toilets and a gigantic staff and lots of other items Mark may not be that great about coordinating.

You can check out their progress on our Mark Dahle Art Museums page.

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About Mark Dahle

Biographical information.

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For Art Collectors

What do you do when you run out of wall space?

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